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Laments of an unsuccessful agent

Via Victoria Strauss and Writer Beware, an amateur agent is leaving the business.

If you are looking for a Literary Agent please do not contact me because I do not do this awful job anymore.

According to Writer Beware, he charged writers for placing their books with PublishAmerica. More fun can be read at the link above.

Mr. Streather's main complaint is this:

I believed I could help people get published. I was wrong because I discovered to my horror that most people submitting manuscripts to me were not prepared to help themselves to anything except to my time and my money, and they hoped they could do the same with the Publishers.

Not that any of this is his fault, of course:

Rejection of manuscripts by Publishers is not the Agent's fault it's the Author's fault. Publishers reject work primarily because the submission is not good enough to waste their time and money investing in it.

Newsflash! Publishers reject work because it's not good enough! Jot that down!

Anyway, have I mentioned that Victoria Strauss writes really fine books? Support author advocates and treat yourself to some fine fantasy novels.
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