A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Can YOU reduce the government’s debt to GDP ratio?

The Center for Economic and Policy research has a debt calculator that allows people to see the implications of various policies. I managed to drive the number down below the magic (according to some budget hawks) 60% line by pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, reducing our nuclear stockpile, instituting a carbon tax to fight climate change, allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, opening up a buy-in “public option,” increasing the social security tax cap, instituting a tiny financial speculation tax to slow speculative buying and selling, allowing the Bush estate and gift tax cuts to expire, and change the mortgage tax deduction (which only serves to inflate home prices anyway) to a 15% credit.

And all that policy allows me to increase investment in infrastructure, education and other government programs (aka stimulus spending), and increase social security benefits for low earners.

How much money can you save the government?

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