A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Mutual Combat

First, the meathead ordinance has passed. Essentially, this means that officers could ticket people who are shouting, fighting, whatever as they leave a closing bar. This is good news for us, since we live in a very quiet neighborhood that has one bar nearby. People spill out of the bar singing and squabbling way too often. The city could balance their budgets on the backs of these fools.

What really caught my eye about this was this sentence in the article: “Fighting, or ‘mutual combat’ — where two parties punch and kick each other but don’t harm anyone else or cause property damage — isn’t currently against the law.”

To which I say “REALLY?” I have a hard time accepting that. The police wouldn’t arrest two dudes slugging it out in an alley as long as they didn’t break anything else, accidentally punch a bystander, or scream too loud?

Seattle: still hanging on to its frontier heritage.

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