A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

This is my sad face, indie bookstore edition

Everyday this month, I’ve posted about a book giveaway, and I’ve included a link to indiebound.org’s listing of Game of Cages every day. In fact, I’ve had a link in the sidebar of my blog for months.

And while I’ve had dozens of click-throughs, no one has bought a book from them.

My bookstore-loving brain is hoping that those sales will show after the book is officially published (which is 8/31–only two weeks away OMG), but come on, Child of Fire has been out since the end of last September, nearly 11 months ago, and no one has ordered that, either.

It’s sad to say that those links aren’t working for me, as much as I’d like them too. I’ll check the affiliate stats again in September, but it looks like I’ll be dropping those links from my site. Which is too bad; I’ve ordered books through indiebound, and it’s a good system.

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