A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

I need a to-do list

If only I had time to create one.

Update: Time!

    Email promo essay 1 to recipient
    Email promo essay 2 to recipient
    Email promo essay 3 to recipient
    Format and schedule sample chapter 2 of Game of Cages.
    Format and schedule sample chapter 3 of Game of Cages.
    Mail off giveaway books to folks who’ve claimed them
    Buy more brown mailing paper
    Revamp website home page to be less artsy
    Revamp blog sidebar to include cover image for Game of Cages
    Revamp “buy” links in sidebar to simplify them.
    Give Game of Cages its own “book” post.
    Write blog post about writers, job lock, and HCR

    Mail off copies of Game of Cages to the winner of the school benefit tuckerization auction.
    Ditto for John Scalzi for my Big Idea essay.
    Email [writer] regarding review/interview for [name] Magazine.
    Talk to my agent about my next project.
    Change my sig lines at the various msg boards and forums I visit.

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Tags: everyone loves blue dog, publishing, reasons i suck

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