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Announcing a month of book giveaways! Day 30

Game of Cages will be coming out on the last day of the month, so I’ve decided to hold a special month of book giveaways. Every day (unless I screw up, which I probably will) I’ll give away a book or themed set of books to someone who asks for it. To enter, you have to comment on this blog or on my LiveJournal–email, Facebook, and Twitter won’t count, and if more than one person speaks up, I’ll roll a die to determine the recipient. U.S. residents only, please.

You get a new book every day, and on the last day of the month I’ll give away my own.

CoF Final Cover Whole

Yeah, that’s right. Tomorrow I’m giving away Game of Cages, but today, the day before it hits the shelves, I’m giving away my first novel. Publishers Weekly put it on their list of 100 Best Books of 2009; maybe you’ll enjoy it, too. You can read a sample chapter here.

First things first: If you win this book, you can’t win Game of Cages, too.

Second things second: If you want a chance to read it, just drop a comment on the blog or LJ.

Update: This book has been won.

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