A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Randomness for 9/25

1) For those who haven’t heard yet, the new OK GO! video. My son saw the goat the first time through, but I missed it. He had to point it out to me. And I seem to have missed this video from several months ago.

2) Health care reform explained, with timeline for policy implementation, subsidy calculators, etc.

3) It used to be that I’d have to send a link like this directly to my friend Jim, but now that he’s on Facebook, I can put it in my blog and hope he’ll see it in the RSS feed on my wall: A home-made coil gun blasts household objects. Video.

4) The paperback original: breakout opportunity or stigmatized format? I’m going with the former, since that’s how the Twenty Palaces books have come out.

5) Computer software judges attractiveness… of famous movie monsters. Well, famous except for “Bub” who I’ve never heard of.

6) The 14 best title cards for Batman: The Animated Series. This makes me want to buy the whole season on DVD.

7) Home circumcision kit. No. People, seriously, just… no.

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