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I was your puppet; you made me dance

As you guys know, I’ve been taking part in Suvudu’s reader-driven chain story, “A Glimpse of Darkness” (quick summary for those who don’t know what I’m talking about: five authors (Lara Adrian, Stacia Kane, Kelly Meding, and Lucy A. Snyder) are writing a “chain story.” Each week, one of us posts part of the story and at the end of the segment is a poll allowing the reader to choose what will happen next. A clear, full explanation is here.

Well, Lara Adrian’s first section went up last week, and the poll closed on Friday. I spent the weekend (skipping Foolscap) writing the next section, and guess what?

It’s live right now.

It’s, erm, longer than I’d intended, but that’s because I wanted to put in as much good stuff as possible. I gotta admit, it was fun to write (also stressful, because those other authors are way more experienced than I am, and I wanted to do good work).

Go! Read! Vote! And maybe, if you enjoy it, you can tell other readers about it.

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