A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Randomness for 10/23

1) Dog Superhero Costumes. Yeah, you read that right. Now click through and blow your own mind.

2) Why I will always support the serial comma.

3) America’s contempt for expertise, part six million and two.

4) A congressional candidate’s wife does a political ad… for his opponent. Has to be seen to be believed. Video. Burn! via Jen Busick

5) Cripes. Bad enough you dress up your dog in a costume. But you have to put him in a mask? And done your own matching Na’vi cat lady costume? And make a crazy video for the web?

6) OMG, I don’t care if this is real, I’m going to pretend it’s photoshop so I can sleep at night. Be sure to look at the picture gallery. Supposedly, they released this thing after the pictures were taken. I assume it was down a long chute from a truck with the engine running. via Danny Grossman

7) Manuscript rejection notice from a silent-era movie studio.

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