A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Randomness for 11/15

1) Wow. Monsters drawn on post-it notes. via tor.com

2) 10 Things the New Batman Live! Show should include. I mean, duh! As if they wouldn’t include a bit where Batman fights a gorilla.

3) “Is there anything worse than not being able to fit your giant fist into a tall glass of milk, yearning for one last Oreo dunk? No. There is literally nothing worse. But the Dipr cookie peripheral will make dips easy.

4) The United States of Movies. For Americans, which movie do you want to represent your state? I’m surprised PA isn’t ROCKY.

5) Battles won with unusual weapons.

6) Ten centuries of change in five minutes: Changes to European nation-states from the year 1000. Video. Pretty cool, but what it really needs is a counter giving the year.

7) Quidditch for Muggles. Video.

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