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Oh, crap

I was getting ready to update my blog when I noticed that people have friended me.

I wasn't expecting that, although I should have.

This blog is subtitled "a blog that won't interest you in the least" and I meant that literally. Although I have written actual blog-like entries (for some reason, I feel compelled to treat this blog the way others treat blogs--I'm sure that says something about me, but I don't want to think about what that would be), this isn't meant to be a real blog read by real people. I just needed a free online place to save a bunch of stories about my kid.

It's kinda dull. It's dull even for me, and I love the little guy. I suppose, if you needed a soporific, reading this might be worthwhile. You need to be careful of the side effects, though: listlessness, glazed-over eyes, disgust at the monomania of parents, and the general belief that people are too tedious to thrive.

Anyway, read if you want. You've been warned.

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