A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Hooray! Welcome back, site! I missed you! ::hugs website::

So, my website was down for most of the day. Apparently, my excellent host site, sff.net, has been getting customer service runaround from Verizon. No matter! It is back!

I revised the hell out of a really difficult scene this morning, and only after I was done writing for the day did I realize it needed more work. Ah, well. I also took a long damn walk, returned books and DVDs to the library, and made split pea soup. And bread. And other good things.

Anyway, this has been a good and busy day, but I want to talk for a moment about last night. We watched A Town Called Panic. Here’s the trailer. (Facebook users will have to click through)

It was crazy. As the trailer shows, the plot kicks off when Indian and Cowboy realize that it’s Horse’s birthday, and they don’t have a gift. From there it completely spins out of control and becomes completely insane and hilarious. We loved it. The stop-motion technique was wonderful–not trying to be realistic at all, which was just fantastic.

Watch it! You will be glad you did (sez I).

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