A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Book and films (or, more grouching)

Watched a pair of DVDs this week and read only one book.

The book was Staying Dead by Laura Anne Gilman. I had been curious about all the paranormal romances I've been hearing about lately, so I snapped this one up. I chose it for two reasons: No vampires, and the lead is a magic-using thief embroiled in Cases That Go Wrong(tm).

Let's just say I haven't had much luck reading romance. I like a good love story as a subplot, but the more page-space they take up, the more exasperating I find them. This had the same effect on me. I'll be reading more of Ms. Gilman's books, but probably not in this series.

Anyway, the theft plot line was not full of surprises, but it wasn't meant to be. It's structured as more of a thriller than a mystery--it's very audience-superior throughout. It works, but it undercuts the appeal of the concept, imo.

The real appeal lies with the characters: Wren and Sergei are terrific characters, and they are the real appeal of the work.

It was a good book, I liked it, even though it confirms for me that romance is not really to my taste.

The two films we watched were ELECTRA and KUNG FU HUSTLE.

What can I say? The former was crap and the latter was wonderful. ELECTRA had a grand total of one effective action scene, and KUNG FU HUSTLE was masterful from beginning to end. It was funny and exciting and very, very effective. Loved it.

All ELECTRA managed to do was look good. (The movie, I mean.)
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