A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

State of the Self Address

It’s been a week since I screwed up my knee. Things are much improved, but I’m still a bit hobbled. I can bend my knee now, but not all the way. It also feels mostly swollen rather than deeply painful. It’s not a miniscus tear, since I can put weight on it. In fact, I can walk pretty well on it as long as I don’t get too ambitious and try to leave the apartment. In essence, it has improved to the point that it is back to the usual pain/impairment levels, although at the “bad” end of those levels.

In other news, the basic shape and structure of the fourth Twenty Palaces book fell into place over the long weekend, and like most revelations of this sort it looks so obvious in retrospect that I feel stupid for not putting it together sooner. As I said on Twitter, it’s all uphill from here but at least I know what hill I’m tackling.

And yeah, the new tag below is the working title for book four.

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Tags: interesting things, reasons i suck, the twisted path

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