A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Norwescon, I guess

In 2009 at the beginning of December, I received an invitation to Norwescon. For whatever reason, my response to them wasn’t received and it’s very likely that was my fault. I interpreted the lack of response as a “Never mind,” and by the time it was straightened out I had family plans and couldn’t attend. Next year, I told myself.

Well, next year is here. I sent an email to the same person (at the same address) who contacted me before, inquiring about attending the convention, but so far I’ve received no response (again). It wasn’t one of these official contact addresses, though; it’s someone’s personal email address.

I plan to try one more time, but I’m not sure which of these addresses I should use. To be clear, I’ve attended the San Diego Comic-Con but I’ve never been to a “real” science fiction convention, and everything I know about how they work has come from skimming other people’s LiveJournals. So I’m turning to you good folks, because I know many people reading this have much more experience than I do: Which address, if any, should I contact? Or should I just take the hint?


Added later: Email sent! Thank you, everyone on my blog and LJ for the advice.

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