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I didn’t know Melissa Mia Hall, but I do know this: she didn’t have to die. She shouldn’t have died, in fact, because the U.S. should have already instituted a universal health care system that would have ensured she was covered and could control costs. She shouldn’t have had to call her doctor and beg for meds because she couldn’t afford an office visit.

And now a Georgia judge has ordered the ACA completely dismantled. The ACA isn’t my favorite way to get to a decent health care system, but it’s what’s possible right now. If the Supreme Court strikes it down… well, let’s just hope that it prompts Americans to support Medicare Part E (for Everyone)–just expand the Medicare program to cover everyone and empower it to actually negotiate for drug prices as well as instituting sensible controls on the costs.


In other news, yesterday was a crazy-ass day. More details later, if appropriate.

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