A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

My fans in Denmark have come through again

Considering how well the previous Twenty Palaces Lego sets (Child of Fire, Game of Cages) have done, the good folks in Denmark have rushed the newest Lego set into production.

Here’s the cover (again):

Circle of Enemies

Here is the early box art for Circle of Enemies.

Lego Circle of Enemies


I’m told the previous sets outsold the Harry Potter Lego sets, but I’m still waiting for the check with my share of the money. ::taps foot:: That Italian villa is waiting!
In case anyone misses the joke: This image was created with Lego Digital Designer, a CAD program (of sorts) that lets you design a Lego model virtually, then upload it to their site and have the pieces mailed to you. Teh nice thing is that, as soon as he saw the cover art, my son immediately remembered that we make this joke art and started working on it. Smart kid.

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Tags: funny, man bites world, the boy

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