A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Ruthless Vigilante Sorcerers Versus SuperCannibal!

Inspired by buffysquirrel, I sent my revised query to Evil Editor for a good snarking.

Here is the result.

Actually, that's not a terrible response. While he definitely makes fun of it, (which is fine by me--I knew what he does to the queries he receives) he doesn't have any questions about the story and seems to know my influences pretty well. See the title of this post. Also, he didn't bother doing a revised version. He just suggested a little change or two.

I had a good laugh, and I'm pleased. I'm going to tweak my query a tiny bit and send it out sometime today or tomorrow.

Update: I see that someone has written to EE and asked him to give out numbers or something so they will know when their own query will be up for revision. The writer, obviously impatient, actually wrote "The uncertainty is pissing me off."

Cripes. It's a free service, people, offered by someone who is donating his time. All I can think is: imagine how pissed off the writer would be if they knew I'd had a two-day turn around.
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