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Let’s assume you like books

I assume you do. Let’s also assume you have loved ones who like them, and with the holiday season coming up, you’d like to give books as gifts this year.

No, I’m not going to push my own stuff.

But remember Q.R. Markham’s Assassin of Secrets (Jesus, even I wouldn’t have gone for that title) the almost entirely plagiarized debut novel that was recently yanked off the shelves? Did you know that copies are going for fifty bucks on eBay? I sorta wish I’d bought one now.

Anyway, you can’t read his book–and why would you want to?–but you can read all the books he ripped off. So here is a holiday shopping list of books and authors that were wronged, and who better to throw your money at:

All citations found here.

Know someone who likes spy novels? Or, even better, if you’re looking to read something a little out of your usual, these books are certified good enough to steal from.

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