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The Death of Ray Lilly

Round two of the Suvudu.com Cage Match is now live!

This time the writeup is a bit long–nearly four thousand words–so you guys know you’re getting your no-money’s worth. But… what’s up with that subject line? Is that pessimism about the outcome of the match? Or is that a spoiler?? Click through to find out the truth!

SEE Tyrion’s deadly plan!

SEE the mysterious, unexpected foe Ray uses his ghost knife against!

SEE a secret from Annalise’s past… and her present!!!

Anyway, the cage match writeups are in third-person so you know they aren’t canon, because that’s a thing I just made up. Publishing is Calvinball, you know. Also, Tyrion Lannister is probably my favorite character from the last 15-some years. I was seriously pleased by the chance to write him (hence the length of the piece) and–admission time–I voted for him, too. Not canon, guys! Seriously!

Finally, if you’re new to the Twenty Palaces books and just dropping by one of my sites for the first time, a warning: the writeup was fun and (hopefully) funny but the books are much darker. Instead of action-comedies, they’re more like action-tragedies. Check out the free sample chapters I link to in my website; I don’t want lovers of light comedy to feel like they’ve been misled.

Have fun, you guys.

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