A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Round 2 of the Cage Match is over

Added later: Apparently they are declaring Ray the winner because he was ahead at 5 but the voting was mistakenly not closed. I… er… I think I’m going to skip the comments over there. (Who am I kidding?)

And Tyrion Lannister defeated Ray Lilly, just as my writeup suggested. I’ll admit that it was closer than I expected, 50.15% to 49.85% out of nearly three thousand votes, which comes to a narrow nine-vote margin of victory.

Of course, one of those nine votes was mine. I’m pleased to see Tyrion move on to the next round. Love that character.

Thanks to everyone who made this fun, and thanks especially to David Pomerico and all the other folks at Suvudu who are putting so much time and energy into this game.

Back to my book.

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