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Don’t Read This Book

So! You can now pre-order the anthology Don’t Read This Book in softcover. If you do, you’ll get the electronic version immediately. As in, right now.

If all you want to buy is the ebook, you’ll have to wait for the release date. (Thems the rules, apparently.)

Find out more.

For those who haven’t been following along, the stories take place in the setting of the rpg Don’t Rest Your Head, about ordinary people who find themselves trapped in a world of literal nightmares, and risk losing their lives if they fall asleep.

It’s edited by Chuck Wendig, and here’s a list of contributors:

Stephen Blackmoore
Harry Connolly
Rich Dansky
Matt Forbeck
Laura Anne Gilman
Will Hindmarch
Mur Lafferty
Robin D. Laws
Ryan Macklin
C. E. Murphy
Josh Roby
Greg Stolze
Monica Valentinelli

They were nice enough to place my story at the very end; I guess they liked it. Me, I’m just pleased to be included with all those terrific writers.

I’ve been meaning to write a full post about my short fiction: what I’ve done, what I’m selling and where it’s available. Putting that together has been on the list of super-important things for months.

Anyway. Check it out. It’s a terrific book.

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