A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Internet sex takes point

For years, the pornography business led the way in the adoption of new technology. VHS, DVD, online streaming, you could see where other media were going by looking at the newest innovations in porn.

So how has the business weathered online piracy and so-called “amateur” videos? Well, according to this article in The Guardian, it’s collapsing. Porn companies have either gone out of business, are doing big-movie parodies, or are turning to high production value “romantica”. In other words: they’re spending money do differentiate their product from the low budget free stuff.

Also: the performers who create the content no longer make their living at it. They have to take other work to pay the bills.

Does this mean publishing, TV, film, and music will follow suit? I hope not. I strongly suspect that, unlike other customers, porn consumers don’t have any loyalty toward the people creating the entertainment they enjoy. So maybe it will be different. Like I said, I hope not.

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