A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Fresh ten:

... servant saw her hesitation and spoke for her, "We have."

The NYTimes has an article about an author who got a bad review today. It's a bit weird. She buys a copy of her own book every hour to pump up her Amazon.com ranking and tries to use her bad review to sell a couple extra books.

It doesn't have much of a point, except that writers are weird about their books.

I sent Director Friend an option agreement for the script of LOVED ONE last night. He seemed to accept it fine, even though the term is pretty short and can only be extended if he has marketed a final cut of THE DEAD FEED by then.

I need to send out another round of queries on Twenty Palaces and soon. It's been nearly a year. I should have already sent all the queries and collected all the rejections by now. A more conscientious writer would have already slipped this one into the trunk. I have a feeling that I'm putting off the inevitable by taking so long with this.

Question for everyone still reading this far into the post: About books that everyone else seems to love but that you can't stand--Does that make you question your tastes? Your aesthetic values? Does it make you feel like an outlier on the bell curve?

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