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Only creeps and fools make fun of Lawful Good

Okay, it’s not just creeps and fools. People who hate rpgs makes fun of it, and so do people who hate D&D. That’s legit. Then there are people like me, who think the whole idea of “alignments” as an organizing principle is a terrible idea. I’m a fool but not for that.

However, you also have people who write articles like this: The Best Dungeons & Dragons Character Alignments.

See? He’s cool with the idea of alignments in general, but he says this:

If heroes are Neutral Good, what does that make those who are Lawful Good? Paladins, i.e. assholes. Paladins and other stick-up-their-ass good guys try to do good within the system, and are invariably limited by it…

And there’s this sort of humor (which is funny, but still).

You know who qualifies as Lawful Good? The cop who gathers evidence legally to convict a suspect. He doesn’t plant evidence on a guy he’s sure is guilty. He doesn’t abuse his authority. He follows the law. Who else? Judges who make sure people get a fair trial when they could easily lean on the suspect they think is guilty.

And so on. The law limits us, yes, and sometimes (too often) the law is wrong and needs to be changed, but that’s a good thing. Only a creep or a fool longs to toss off the rule of law.

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