A large duck (burger_eater) wrote,
A large duck

Randomness for 5/27

1) An innovative student project for simplifying fast food packaging. Me, I hate having to carry the cup separately from the food.

2) 7 Awesome Moments in the Greatest Police Training Video Ever via Chris Sims

3) Making a laser-cut LP out of a disc of wood.

4) The Palme d’Awful: worst films for sale at Cannes. NSFW due to a naked male butt in one of the posters. Wow, do these movies look terrible (except for FDR: AMERICAN BADASS) and every actor whose name I recognize makes me cringe with embarrassment for them. Sharknado, dude? Really? I guess it beats selling air conditioners. via @BarrSteve

5) Public spaces that appear to be private.

6) Fun fantasy chimeras created by Photoshop.

7) Social Media Fails from 19 companies. I love these.

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Tags: film, food, funny, interesting things, links, scientification

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