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Circle of Enemies reviewed at BLACK GATE

Here’s the relevant review. Overall, a very nice one.

It’s funny though, what he says about the (lack of) supporting cast. My wise editor recommended that I create one for the series. Yeah, Ray was the lead and Annalise was his boss and that was it. She wanted a colorful group of people who could turn up in every book, the way The Dresden Files does, or Sue Grafton’s alphabet novels do.

Those weren’t the examples she used. They’re just the ones I’m thinking up now.

I resisted, mainly because I envisioned the series having a structure more like a series of private detective novels, where the protagonist gets thrown into a completely new situation each time, surrounded by new people, and has to manage things on his own.

Oh well. There were a lot of choices I made for those books that could have gone another way. They’re all lessons for the future, I guess.

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