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Lamptime is Over

"I don't see a muffin basket"

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A large duck
Jeez, I can never keep things current here.

My name is Harry Connolly, and I started this LiveJournal so I would have an offline storage space for stories about my son (at my wife's request). It was also supposed to be a way for my out-of-state and out-of-country in-laws to keep up with the latest kiddie anecdotes.

It's more than that now. In Feb, 2008 I accepted a deal from Del Rey to publish three novels. The first, Child of Fire, came out in September, 2009 (on my LJ, it's tagged as "harvest of fire," which was the working title). The second, Game of Cages, will be coming out in August, 2010. It too is tagged on this LJ under its working title: "everyone loves blue dog". My third has been turned in to Del Rey for publication on August 30, 2011. It's tagged in my posts as "man bites world" but the title will be Circle of Enemies.

At this point, I'm dropping all pretense to anonymity and simply locking all my family posts out of respect for my son's privacy.

And, since someone has asked: Friend or un-friend me at will. There's no need to ask permission; I never do. If you find yourself skimming my entries or uninterested in what I'm writing about, please don't feel awkward about dropping me from your list. If you do friend me, I may not reciprocate, because time and deadlines are tight.

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